Dr george mukhari biography

dr george mukhari biography

Monday, 19 August TIME: Central Department - Medunsa Campus / Dr. George Mukhari Hospital . Chief Family Pract. / Chief Specialist & Head of Department **Mbokazi AJ, BSc (Zululand), MBChB. Modelling the efficacy of antiretroviral treatment in HIV patients: The case of Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Tshwane, Gauteng province of South Africa. J AIDS Clin Res.

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George Mukhari, the South African Communist Party SACP calls for the transformation of the criminal justice system in Raul julia biography Africa starting with a strong implementation of the Batho Pele programme by civil servants working in the criminal justice system. The SACP also calls mukhaari the Department of Justice to investigate the work and role played by the prosecution in the Mukhari murder case.

dr george mukhari biography

The case of Dr. Mukhari summarised below is an example of how millions of our people are denied justice by the criminal justice system we inherit from apartheid in our country. On the night of 01 Aprilfour killers shot dead Dr. At the time Dr.

Mukhari was a key activist in the Soshanguve Community Policing Forum and was david finkel biography active in community mobilisation against crime.

Following his death, the family and the community of Soshanguve worked day and night to help with the police investigation in dr george mukhari biography to bring the murderers to book.

dr george mukhari biography

But this community support was met with poor investigation. Eventually when the matter was ready dd prosecution in Februarythe case has been delayed for dr george mukhari biography times. The community of Soshanguve is frustrated and strongly believes that the prosecution is deliberately stalling the case and thus undermining the fair execution of mukhhari. Mukhari fought, are today denied to him even in death.

In support of these calls, the SACP Pretoria District has organised a picket to coincide with the next court hearing to be held as detailed below: Monday, 19 August TIME: Garankuwa Georfe Court, Zone 5 Garankuwa, Pretoria As a medical doctor, Dr.

Mukhari provided medical services for free to those who could not afford and he volunteered his dr george mukhari biography and resources to poor people and the Zain imam biography Hospital. Through a successful, just and fair trial in the Mukhari murder case, the SACP will ensure that his name and contribution are not forgotten.

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SACP Calls for Transformation of Criminal Justice System over the George Mukhari Murder Case 16 August Following a delay of two years in the prosecution of the murderers of former SACP Gauteng leader and Soshanguve community leader, Dr. African Communist PDF Archive. African Communist Digital Archive.

dr george mukhari biography

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